“proudlikeagoat” Topples $2m Profit For The year So Far

Number two million

The action at the high stakes tables of PokerStars and sister site Full Tilt Poker has been purring along very nicely for the last couple of days and for one player in particular it has brought a new landmark passed in terms of earnings for the year of 2013.

proudlikeagoat” has now seen his profit for the year surge past the $2 million barrier after he scooped another $292.9k at the tables.

He is primarily a No Limit Holdem specialist and this is exactly where his profits were to come from during his latest session. It lasted for around four hours and saw him face a number of other regular high stakes players such as “MalACEsia”, “Ragen70”, Ben “Bttech86” Tollerene, and “HelicopterBen82” across two tables.

He came out in profit on both tables to record the largest share of his daily haul of $230k. He wasn’t completely finished right then though as he surfaced at the tables again a little later in the night to scoop a further $60k.

Initially it looked like it was going to be “MalACEsia” to end the day with the most profit after running hot at the tables to the tune of $250k. In hindsight he would have quit right there but he decided to stay and eventually lost all of that profit and actually saw it turn into a $144k deficit for the day.

He did win the largest pot seen throughout this period though as he pulled in a pot of $298.9k after turning a full house. His opponent “Ragen70” made a flush on the river and decided to push all-in, not knowing what he was letting himself in for.

The other winners throughout this period were “John R Turk” and Ben “Bttech86” Tollerene after they pulled in profits of $168.4k and $138.9k respectively. They were both a part of that earlier session as well, meaning that most of the higher stakes action was confined to the Holdem tables.

It was a quiet day for the player that normally features heavily in any high stakes news as Viktor “Isildur1” Blom only played for a while and made a profit of $56k at the 2-7 Triple Draw tables.

The Highest Profits

proudlikeagoat – (+$292.9k)

John R Turk – (+$168.4k)

Bttech86 – ($138.9k)

Kagome Kagome – (+$73.6k)

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