Psychology in Poker

psychology concept

PokerStars Team Online Pro Matthias Brandner has recently submitted his latest contribution to PokerStarsBlog in which he discusses the psychology found in poker and more accurately perception in the game and how that perception can have a massive influence on tilt.

Brandner is one of the newest members of Team Online having been signed up back in February this year and it is clear to see that he has a very deep understanding of the game at mental level.

“Like in every aspect in life, the human psyche plays a big in role in how we perceive things, and react toward them. This is especially true with poker, as it’s a very mental activity.”

He discusses that poker players will have two different categories of things to perceive, firstly they will perceive both themselves and their opponents, then they will perceive the game as a whole. He claims that this often throws up a couple of problems as players are often making incorrect judgments on each of those categories.

“The most common issue in our first case lies in the fact that we don’t like to criticize ourselves or admit mistakes. We played the hand perfectly, and the stupid fish got lucky yet again. But was this really always the case? Did we really play our best every hand and have a huge edge?”

He believes that players should always record their sessions so that they can a look back to see if they really did play the hand as well as they could or whether it could have in fact been played better.

He also talks about players having selective perception and how that can contribute massively towards tilt. Players will change their perception based on the situation they find themselves in. This is seen during bad beats, with perception changing depending on whether you are a victim of it or the one handing it out.

Check out his full blog post by heading over to PokerStarsBlog, Ιt really is a great read no matter what level of a player you are and really takes a good look into the psyche of a poker player.