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“punting-peddler” Up To More Than $1.2 Million This Week

Who would be a high stakes poker player? With all of these downswings and upswings, the stress would be enough to cause most of us to have a nervous breakdown; however these players seem to just take it in their stride.

Take “punting-peddler” for example, just a couple of weeks ago he had been on a massive downswing that saw him lose more than a million within a week. However, the very next week he went about his business of clawing it back, with him finally completing that task yesterday.

He banked another profit of $245k which brought him out of the losses bracket and actually back into profit at Full Tilt Poker to the tune of $58k.

Those profits yesterday came whilst he was plying his trade on the popular mixed game tables, where he was up against players of the calibre of Phil “Polarizing” Ivey and the ever so lively “Rui Cao”.

Each of those opponents actually ended up dropping six figure sums at the tables. Phil Ivey actually ended as the day’s biggest loser, having lost around $450k all in all whilst playing additional sessions at the pot limit Omaha and fixed limit Omaha Hi/Lo tables.

Others That Banked A Profit!

Amongst the other winners from yesterday was “Patrik Antonius” as he added a nice six figure amount of $144.5k to his Full Tilt account yesterday, with him earning most of that whilst playing at the pot limit Omaha and 2-7 triple draw tables.

We also saw “cottonseed1” post profits yesterday after a successful session against Ivey brought him $160.9k.

Over At PokerStars!

PokerStars was where the major action was yesterday though; with “Vaga_Lion” finishing as the triumphant player on the sites $200/$400 pot limit Omaha tables. He took down $173.9k whilst going up against the likes of “Ilari FIN”, ”patpatman”, “GVOZDIKA55” and the mysterious “Barcode”.

The Days Largest Pot!

That same session brought us the day’s largest pot too, with the old rivals “Ilari FIN” and “patpatman” squaring up in a pot of $179.4k, with the winner being “patpatman” after he makes his straight on the river.

That pot was one of the major reasons why “Ilari FIN” ended as with one of the biggest drops, with his total losses for the day totalling $218.2k.

Yesterday’s Top Earners!

punting-peddler – (+$245.3k)

Vaga_Lion – (+$173.9k)

PostFlopAction – (+$164.7k)

cottonseed1 – (+$160.9k)

Check with us frequently if you like to stay in the loop regarding the high stakes action, we provide regular reports which will keep you fully up to date.


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