Q & A Time With Jason Mercier

Jason Mercier

What we like about Jason Mercier is the way that he is always thinking of ways to connect with his many fans, whether it is through quick-fire questions he answers on Twitter or offering fans a percentage of winnings he was potentially going to win in events throughout the PokerStars WCOOP a little while back.

Well he is at it again, offering his fans the chance to ask him some questions via his Facebook page, with him selecting the ten best for him to answer on his most recent blog post at www.JasonMercier.com.


As you can imagine, his Facebook page lit up with literally hundreds of questions being asked. Some were funny, some were stupid and some were actually well thought out enough for him to select them for his blog.

Among them there were questions asking which fellow poker players he would use to create a basketball team, whether he would have played a certain hand against Phil Ivey any differently, what his first major purchase was from poker winnings and a variety of others.

We have to say that our favourite question was the one in which he was asked whether going broke ever crosses his mind. His answer was “The thought of going broke is something that a poker player somewhat always has in the back of his mind. It left my mind a few years ago, as there is just no way it could happen for me with how conservative I am with bankroll management. For example, if I got down to my case 100k, you would see me playing 5/10, not 200/400”

You will have to read the rest by going to his blog, which is always a very interesting read.

It really is no wonder that Mercier is one of pokers most popular players, simply down to him being the most open with his fans and always trying to connect with them. Wouldn’t it be great if they were all like that?