Rafa Nadal Takes on His Brother Tomeu For Charity (vids)

Rafa Nadal

It must be a proud feeling to be the brother of one of the very best poker players of this generation yet at the same time it must be a little hard to take that he seems to be so good at everything, however Rafa Nadal’s brother Tomeu believe there might be something that he can finally beat his brother at.

They have both come together to take each other on in a series of challenges in order to help the unemployed in Spain receive training that could lead to them getting full time and permanent jobs in the future.

They will be working alongside the Adecco Foundation who has put together a charity called “The Good Hand Project” in partnership with PokerStars.es. This charity will see the Nadal brothers have a team each known as either #TEAMRAFA or #TEAMTOMEU with other PokerStars Team Sportstars, celebrities and the Olympic Gymnast Almudea Cid being members of either one before taking part in some poker challenges in order to get the unemployed in Spain employed once again.

It will all be done by social media with every ‘like’, ‘retweet’ or ‘YouTube’ view that each team receives ultimately being turned into money to help the Adecco Foundation who specialise in professional training to give the young people in Spain the help that they need to become more qualified for work.

The challenges have already started as Rafa Nadal embarks on his first one in the video below; he certainly combines his two biggest skills well to get the ball rolling on this wonderful new charity.

This friendly rivalry is certainly looking set to become very interesting and it’s great to see what poker can do for those that need help. We are sure that this charity promotion is going to be a huge success and we of course applaud all that are taking part in an effort to get Spain’s economy rolling once again.