“ragen70″ Reaches $2m Profit in a Week

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It was a massive day for this month’s biggest No Limit Hold’em cash player winner Niklas “ragen70” Heinecker. He was on form yesterday after a huge $803,000 handing out lessons in poker to the majority of the NLH $400/$800 regulars.

Heinecker has had an amazing year so far and undeniably puts himself up there as one of the strongest pro poker players on the poker scene today. He is cash game specialist, but his tournament play also speaks for itself after he fired home a $4.46 million win playing in the much hyped up GuangDon Asia Millions.

The big Asian HK$1,000,000 buy-in event stirred up the poker gossip, especially since it was smack bang in the middle of this year’s big WSOP 2013 event in Las Vegas. The event had the big name poker players torn between the prestige of the WSOP and the allure of a massive high roller tournament. In the end “ragen70″ came out as the all-out winner taking away US$4.46 million.

This month he has been on fire on the nosebleed Full Tilt tables just showing us exactly what it is to be a big time poker player on the high roller tournament scene and the high stakes online cash tables. With yesterday’s $803k beat down of the NLH tables, he is now over the $2 million profit mark this week alone bringing his monthly total to $2,025,373.

It was all in all a profitable day starting with a profitable morning session that saw him go up $160k in the space of 3 hours. $100k of that was courtesy of a loose “punting-peddler” giving away the good all too easily. After that it took just 4 hours for the German to net another $640k. The highlight of the entire day was when Heinecker took down a $403k pot, but despite the pot being way up there in this year’s online poker play it still didn’t make it into the top 10!!!

“ragen70” literally flopped the nuts holding a 6h-8h to make a straight versus “MalACEsia” who was on for a spade flush. The flop looked scary even for the nit straight with 9s-5d-7s. “MalACEsia” aggressively shoved $193,975 to show As-Qs, but the turn and the river blanked giving “ragen70” a huge pot.

Yesterdays Biggest Online Poker Profits

1st “ragen70” – $803,482

2nd “IReadYrSoul” – $217,261

3rd “Trueteller” – $179,492

4th “Rui Cao” – $119,783

5th “Ravenswood” – $85,092

Talking about a massive profit for the day the man that lost the huge pot versus in an Asia versus Europe showdown was “MalACEsia”, who ended the day a massive loser. He recorded one of the biggest lost seen in online poker in a single day after dropping a total of -$914,875. A huge loss and a huge blow for the unknown Asian that has been making so many of the Full Tilt cash games this year well worth following.

Yesterdays Biggest Online Poker Losses

“MalACEsia” (-$914,875)

“proudlikeagoat” (-$269,309)

“CaII_911” (-$101,175)

“KPR16” (-$90,525)

“Aku1206” (-$86,003)