Ray and Haxton Pull in 6 Figure Profits at Full Tilt

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Isaac “luvtheWNBA” Haxton was pulling down the pots on the NLH tables while Kyle “KPR16″ Ray was on the other side of the poker cash table forum, grinding his $244,272 on the massive Omaha Hi/Lo tables where he caught a piece of everyone.

Yesterdays Top 5 Online Poker Profits

1st “Rhje” – $244,272

2nd “KPR16” – $125,589

3rd “luvtheWNBA” – $115,477

4th “proudlikeagoat” – $97,640

5th “forhayley” – $66,625

“KPR16″ ran into nearly all the top stars during three nosebleed sessions $2,000/$4,000 tables on the way to a third day in a row, reaching into a profit above the 6 figure mark. It’s exactly the response he needed after that crushing $275,010 loss at the end of July. Since the beginning of August he’s raked back $205,656, which was the day before yesterday and another $125,589 in yesterday’s action, making him already this month’s top earner with $331,245 in the green.

Yesterdays Big Name Omaha Hi/Lo Victims

Gus “Gus Hansen” Hansen (-$63,538)

“samrostan” out of China (-$32,283)

Kyle “cottonseed1″ Hendon (-$16,534)

Sally “SallyWoo” Woo (-$14,771)

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom (-$14,128)

Phil “Polarizing” Ivey (-$1$3,428)

“proudlikeagoat” has also been making a bolstering addition to his bankroll coming in the top 5 top earners list three days in a row with $90,841, $188,786 and yesterday he added another $97,640 to that run, but the player nabbing all the headlines yesterday was “Rhje” with $244,272 recording his fourth profit in a row.

Blom was very quiet yesterday and so was Ivey. They made small losses on the Omaha Hi/Lo tables, while Ivey lost $14,252 to Blom after playing just 11 hands heads-up on the 2-7 Triple Draw games. The same tables that saw French high stakes draw specialist Alex “Alexonmoon” Luneau put in a top performance. He won $23,268 in 285 hands, but didn’t get any action from Blom or Ivey who spotted the draw specialist was on a fish hunt.

On the losers end of the day “MalACEsia” the mystery Asian billionaire was on the end of yet another 6 figure, beating his fellow Asian player “samrostan” from China, who also hit a slump losing $152,366.

Over to the PokerStars tables and the much talked about “Odd_Oddsen” from Norway was at it again on the Pot Limit felts, but he finished going in the direction joined by Tobias “KTPOKP” Kuder from Germany who was also losing after a down swing on the PokerStars Hold’em tables. One PokerStars cash game player, “forhayley” from Russia, managed to push into the top 5 earners for the day from the NLH play.

Yesterdays Top 5 Online Poker Losses

“MalACEsia” (-$234,036)

“samrostan” (-$152,366)

“CaII_911” (-$106,932)

“Odd_Oddsen” (-$92,891)

“KTPOKP” (-$81,773)

It was a reasonably quiet day at the tables with “Isildur1” not really making any headlines, while Haxton and Ray continue their rampage to the top of the online poker earners list and Ivey still tries to work out how he will make his come back to add to his already $19 million plus in online cash game career earnings.