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Razavi Takes Down Third At The WPT China Main Event

Razavi Takes Down Third At The WPT China Main Event

It has been difficult for us or anyone in fact to get any decent updates through about what has been happening at the World Poker Tour China due to China having a complete blackout with regards to social media. However, we do now have a report available with the event in the end being won by Zheng Hua Lei, with Britain’s Sam Razavi taking home third place.

It is widely known that the popularity of televised poker has been waning in recent times, with that coupled to the various forms of legislation in certain countries that is forbidding players to play poker online or live. This means that some of the biggest poker tours now have to go in search for the newer inexperienced players across the globe. Of course china, being the most populated country in the world; it was always going to be targeted eventually.

We urge you to suggest one big poker name from China, you simply couldn’t which is what the WPT are looking to change.

If anything it is a little bit surprising that it is only happening now, yet finally somebody has decided to bring poker to the country at long last. In fact, before this event there had never been a live and official poker tournament held there…ever!

This particular event initially capped the player count to 500, but due to huge demand they managed to squeeze a few more tables into the room and had a total of 542 players taking part. Some of the biggest names were there for the occasion too such as Johnny Chan and Phil Hellmuth.

Hellmuth probably had one of his famous blow ups too as his event last within just one orbit of the table. He had got all of his chips into the middle whilst holding pocket jacks which were higher than anything on the flop. However, he found a willing caller who had bottom pair on the flop with the J-2 making him a pair of deuces, he lucked out on the river with a third deuce to eliminate Hellmuth.

What will help the popularity of this event even more is the fact that there was only one non Chinese player on the final table. Sam Razavi being that man, eventually finishing third for a payout of ($48,101

How It Finished!

Zheng Hua Lei – ($192,406)

You Jia Wang – ($96,203)

Sam Razavi – ($48,101)

Yue Cao – ($32,067)

Lei Xu – ($24,050)

Li Fu Liu – ($19,240)

Xue Yi Lin – ($15,232)

Zhi Yong Li – ($12,827)

Ji Wei Deng – ($11,223)


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