Record prize announced for EPT S10 Player of the Year

EPT by PokerStars

Winning the Player of the Year award means a great deal for the recipient, because it is aimed as a reward for performing at the highest level throughout an entire year. Financial rewards are also nice and the EPT was always a generous sponsor, but this year the organisers announced record prizes for the winner.

The European Poker Tour will present the Player of the Year recipient with the coveted trophy but also $50,000. On the flip side, the winner will not be able to use the money for covering personal expenses, but will have to enter a main event ran by Rational Group. They will get to choose between tournaments hosted by the European Poker Tour, the Asia Pacific Poker Tour or the Latin American Poker Tour as well as several regional poker tournaments.

The EPT takes great pride in presenting these awards for the most successful poker players and is striving to turn it into a milestone for poker pros. In order to enhance the credibility of the award, the organisers will work closely with the Global Poker Index which has its own independent ranking system. Although the algorithms for ranking poker players were not disclosed, the system is widely regarded by many poker professionals as the most accurate one in the world.

By teaming up with Global Poker Index and boosting the payout, the European Poker Tour hopes to attract even more pros to its string of tournaments. Worldwide recognition of the award and a generous prize of $50,000 are two essential ingredients in the recipe for success and the EPT has high expectations. Points will be earned by players who compete in any live EPT Festival tournament, while invitational events are excluded.

The idea is to present all poker players with the same chance of accumulating points so all restricted tournaments that might give a group of players an edge over the rest of the field are excluded. On the bright side, those who compete in local and regional tournaments that are hosted simultaneously with European Poker Tour will also be eligible for collecting points. The UK and Ireland Poker Tour takes place in London at the same time as the EPT, while the Estrellas Poker Tour is a major event in Barcelona that coincides with the opening stage of the European poker tour and both of them will award points.