Ricci Wins the Annual All In For Wishes for the 2nd time

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Not all good deeds go unpunished, in fact some are lavishly rewarded and provide others with the impetus to follow suit for the benefit of others. This was the case of the 4th Annual All In For Wishes which attracted 50% more players than last year, with Patrick Ricci emerging victorious after 13 hours of intense play. Among the poker professionals who paid the $200 buy-in was Greg Merson, who treated the competition seriously but failed to make the final table. Nevertheless he was thrilled with the outcome and shared his thoughts on Twitter, noting the steep increase in the number of participants.

The gracious host for this year’s event was Empire State Plaza Convention Center in Albany and 195 players found it worth paying $200 for a worthy cause. As Merson said on Twitter, it was a significant boost from last year’s 122 players and the prize pool was also increased as a result of more players signing in. This benefited Patrick Ricci more than anyone else, because the 2010 winner took home a nice amount of $10,000. The money didn’t distract the poker pros from the real purpose of this tournament and Lee Childs among others invited his peers to make dreams come true while playing their favourite game:

At first glance it might look like the main beneficiary was Patrick Ricci who won the tournament, but this is only partially true. The vast majority of the money collected will be deposited in the bank account of Make-A-Wish Foundation for Northeast New York. There was no shortage of poker pros willing to buy-in, including some prominent ones such as Greg Merson and Chad Brown, who finished 7th six years ago in the WSOP Main Event. He made sure to let others know about his participation on Twitter, in an attempt of drawing more attention to the Annual All In For Wishes event.