Riess “World’s Best” Comments Causing A Twitter Storm

2013 WSOP Main Event Champion Ryan Reiss

In case you have been living under a rock for the past couple of days you may have heard that Ryan Riess claimed the World Series of Poker Main Event, for a huge payout of more than $8.3 million after beating Jay Farber heads-up to lay claim to the most prestigious poker event in the world.

However, ever since that win there has been a war of words coming from all angles after the post-match interview given by Riess. He claimed he was “the best player in the world” which has left some tweeting their anger at such a claim while others have defended the 23 year old and just put it down to his age and the fact that he was interviewed so soon after winning the bracelet.

First, take a look at the interview for yourselves.

Those Who Didn’t Like The Comments It didn’t take too long before fans and players alike hit to Twitter in order to share their opinions on the claim made by the player that has only been in poker no more than a couple of years and this being his first major win.

Those Who Are Not Really Bothered About The Comments

Others were a little more understanding about the brash statement with some even going as far as saying that there is nothing wrong with having confidence in your game, though they also claim he is nowhere near being the best player in the world right now.


Some Who Are In The Middle

Some respect both sides of the argument and although they offer their congratulations for a tournament well played, they are quick to say that his comments were way off the mark. There is nothing wrong with confidence, but it has to be put into context on some occasions it seems.