Robl The Victim Of Money Laundering

money laundered

Okay, so not quite in the way that you were expecting! However, though we have all been there at some point, where we have forgotten to check all of our pockets before throwing our clothes into the wash and then later discovering that we have just cleaned a £5, £10 or £20 note, we don’t think there are many of us that have done it to the tune of $3,000.

Well that is what seemingly happened to Aussie Millions $100k Challenge winner Andrew Robl after his housekeeper found the wad of cash in the dryer and handed it to him. You could just imagine the surprise on his face, with both the fact that he had forgotten it and the fact that it was returned to him.



He is right in labelling his housekeeper as extremely honest, as even the best of us would be tempted in some way to keep the money for ourselves, especially as Robl has already secured winnings of more than a million from live tournaments alone this year.

Despite that she showed that despite the temptation there are some of us that out there that are honest enough to do the right thing.

At least the notes look like they are still usable and no real damage was done, but we would be slightly worried about forgetting about such a large amount of money…big night out the night before perhaps?