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“Rozar1o Agro” Wins Sunday Million for $199k

shutterstock_134536682April’s final Sunday Million saw the first deal made at the final table this month that eventually saw “Rozar1o Agro” take back a chip deficit and pull ahead of “pasha I986” to win, but “pasha I986” still took the majority of the prize pool, despite him landing up in second place after a monstrous heads-up battle.

It was the third highest turnout of the month with 7,695 coming in to create the third highest prize pool of the month. There was $1,539,000 after registration finally called off the chance to get involved, and for the third time this month 1,170 players would be paid on the bubble, which would take just 5 quick hours to get through 6,525 entrants to burst. After another 5 hours there were just 18 in play, all with a shot at the final table which was now looming just around the corner.

There was 1 hour in it before 9 players took to the final table with “pasha I986” dominating the chip lead with 20,387,101 and “Hofkon” in second with 14,516,613. The short stack was “Noobladonk” of the UK with 3,555,588 chips, just barely holding 9 big blinds before the action restarted after a short break. The eventual winner was also struggling with 7,664,441 against blinds that were 200k/400k, although things were about to change for the champ to be.

“Rozar1o Agro” was barely seen in the action for just scrapping through with pots that contained antes and blinds with a couple of pre-showdown wins and had only improved on his starting stack by another 10 million by the time it was heads-up.

On the other hand, “pasha I986” was way out in front with 58,979,352 chips to “Rozar1o Agro’s” 17,970,648. The two still went into a deal that meant that “pasha I986” made sure he had $201,402.46, no matter the result with “Rozar1o Agro,” guaranteeing himself a slightly improved pay off for second place of $178,736.54. The two would then proceed to play it out for the remaining $20,000 unaccounted for.

Play resumed and for while there was no change in chip count, until a hand where “pasha I986” 3-bet pre-flop and “Rozar1o Agro” called for a 9h-7h-Tc flop then went all-in. “pasha I986” called and showed 8h-4c versus jc-9c. The open ended straight draw was worth a try with 8 outs and the mass of chips in “pasha I986’s” favour made sense. However, the move didn’t pay off and put “Rozar1o Agro” back in contention with a 5s-2s on the turn and river not helping.

“Rozar1o Agro” then pulled back a further 22 million after forcing “pasha I986” to fold and then the game was over when “Rozar1o Agro” was in with pocket Jack’s beating pocket threes on a Ac-Qs-Kc-Kh-9s board. “Rozar1o Agro” was our unlikely champion, but did what we have seen so many do in past events.

Sunday Million Hosts 7,695 Entrants

1st – “Rozar1o Agro” from Ukraine – $198,736.54

2nd – “pasha I986” from Belarus – $201,402.46

3rd – “mac milla” from Brazil – $115,425.00

4th – “Noobladonk” from United Kingdom – $77,565.60

5th – “Joel “jbrown8777″ Brown from Canada – $61,560.00

6th – “ruuuuby” from United Kingdom – $46,170.00

7th – “Hofkon” from Switzerland – $30,780.00

8th – “AlInclusiver” from Romania – $17,698.50

9th – Arvydas “Merfinis” Merfeldas from Lithuania – $11,927.25


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