Runner Runner Poker Movie Premieres

Ben Affleck

The much anticipated Runner Runner movie starring Justin Timberlake, Ben Affleck and Gemma Arterton premiered just yesterday in Las Vegas.

Of course Las Vegas was the perfect location to get the film off to a start because of its poker background, but for the official cinema release of the movie, we’ll all have to wait until October 4th and thereafter the film will be making its way into cinemas worldwide.

In the movie Justin Timberlake plays a gifted Princeton student. He is on a huge upswing playing on his online poker account until one day his luck shifts for the worst and he begins to suspect foul play by the internet poker company running his account. He tries to complain about the impossible run of luck until finally he tracks down the man in charge of the operation and flies out to Costa Rica to confront him. It turns out that the guy in charge of operations is a Russian gangster and like Timberlake’s character.

Instead of finding out why he lost so much cash, he winds up an employee of the mobster running the online poker enterprise. It soon becomes obvious the operation is a fraud and questions start to arise in the young ex-Princeton students head. He’s approached by the FBI and in the end given an ultimatum. As not to act as a spoiler, the film then starts to take all kinds of twists and turns.

Check out the official trailer for the movie in the video below:

Justin Timberlake was truly excited about the premiere as he was on his Twitter account Tweeting away as he counted down to that magic premiere moment all movie stars are waiting for. He was also Tweeting Instagram photos just after the red carpet with a picture of one of the movie posters.


When the premiere finally started as expected the place was packed. Any film with a cast like this is sure to attract plenty of attention, but this is also very special for the poker world because of its association with the game. Expect the cinemas on and after October 4th to be just as packed and the movie begins to circuit world movie theatres.


You can also check out more comments and release dates for the movie at its official Facebook page or check out the official website.