Ryan Riess Enjoys The Best Day Of His Life (Tweets)

2013 WSOP Bracelet

You need large amounts of confidence in order to be able to be a good poker player, that is a given for sure and Ryan Riess had loads of it before he had even sat down to play out the World Series of Poker Main Event final against Jay Farber.

His day started with a tweet and finished with him being more than $8.3 million richer come the end of it.

After his come from behind win in that session it took him quite some time to get back to twitter, though that is highly understandable considering what he has just achieved. He has finally recently tweeted and will probably be going through all of the messages of congratulations that many others have sent him following a performance that will see his name in the poker history books for all of time.




It may take a while for all of what he achieved to sink in but we are certain he will have a great time while it does.