Rybin Dominates To Win WPT Cyprus Main Event

Alexey Rybin

After six long days of action at the World Poker Tour Merit Cyprus Classic, Alexey Rybin has taken home the title after leading the event at the end of each of the days that he played in. He took home $258,000 and a free seat in the $25,000 WPT Championship for his first place finish, a reward that he deserved for his total dominance of the event.

Ever since the end of Day 1a of the event Rybin has led each day and finished at the top of the chip counts on all of them. This was no different when he finished Day 4 with a million more chips than anyone else to put him pole position for the win.

The Final Table At The Start Of Play

Seat One) – Pierre Sayegh – (349,000)

Seat Two) – Alexey Rybin – (2,698,000)

Seat Three) – Andrei Nikonov – (1,280,000)

Seat Four) – Sergey Rybachenko – (921,000)

Seat Five) – Albert Daher – (1,595,000)

Seat Six) – Kayhan Tugrul – (1,025,000)

As you can see, after Day 4 he was already had a big advantage over everybody else that had progressed to the final table and now just needed one more day of the same sort of dominance to win the title.

He actually played the final table with a lot more patience than he had done on previous days. He let the other players occupy most of the action with the first player to go being Pierre Sayegh after starting the day as the short stack.

Next out was Rybachenko after he had become crippled in an earlier hand. He went out after pushing with pocket tens, only to run into the pocket kings of Daher. He was then quickly joined by Kayhan Tugrul who lost in a three way pot that was won by Rybin.

We were now down to three players and it was at this stage that Rybin was no longer the chip leader. He was actually the smallest stack and needed to win a few large pots to get back in it, which he did successfully.

He pushed ahead again after a massive pot that involved all three of them. He took down the pot that saw Nikonov eliminated and Daher crippled when he had top two pair with his Ah-Kd on a board of Kh-Ad-Jh-2d-xx.

Daher fought back valiantly after winning two double ups but his luck eventually ran out when his K-9 was no match for the A-5 of his opponent.

How It Finished

1st) Alexey Rybin – $258,000

2nd) Albert Daher – $160,200

3rd) Andrei Nikonov – $103,700

4th) Kayhan Tugrul – $75,600

5th) Sergey Rybachenko- $56,600

6th) Pierre Sayegh – $46,000