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Sad News As Sam Simon Is Diagnosed With Cancer

shutterstock_37627897The poker world is in shock as Sam Simon, not only well known for his live tournament showings, but also for his hand in being the creator of the Simpsons, has been told he has terminal cancer.

For many this is shocking for a man who has given pleasure to so many in more than one arena. His Simpson’s creation has made him a billionaire and in poker he has pulled in $358,655 from tournament play, something that many players will never do in a life time, which just shows how much of a success Sam Simon’s life has been.

Sam already knew he had cancer, which originally hadn’t spread. His primary cancer, which was Colon cancer was his first concern. However, recently he said that this has now spread to his liver. Unfortunately, with this kind of cancer it can spread to the abdominal connective tissues, liver and kidneys. There is also the possibility it has spread all the way up to his brain, but he said that brain cancer is yet to be confirmed by doctors.

Simon is also adored by the animal world, as he has long been a pillar head in the fight against animal cruelty getting involved as an animal rights activist.

He has in fact been looking at going to sea with the Sea Shepard, which for those of you who don’t know has its own series on satellite and cable TV. The Sea Shepard, headed by captain Steve Irwin, is a ship that has long been waging an anti-whaling campaign against a fleet of Japanese vessels who are illegally whaling in sea waters that have protective laws defending the whales from the cruel death the savage harpoon inflicts on them. The show has recently been making headlines because two of its crew were in fact looking at piracy charges for boarding one of the Japanese vessels.

With Simon’s high profile as a well-known animation cartoonist and poker player his support for the cause would have been instrumental. Luckily though, life hasn’t been boring for Sam and he has a good friend in one of the funniest radio show hosts in the US, Howard Stern. Simon has shown is appreciation for Howard’s support and if you are sick who better to have a round you than one of the funniest guys around.

In poker, Simon has showed and cashed in several WSOP tournaments playing NLH and PLO cashing 6 times all in all. His biggest WSOP cash was for $35,445 in the $10k World Championship NLH in 2007 and he also managed to go as far as 20th to rake in $24,066 in a $10k World Championship PLO WSOP event. In his most recent showing he crashed at 500th with $23,876 returned in the $10k World Championship event. Not bad when you consider there were 6,865 entrants!

Outside of the WSOP he has played several events coming first 5 times in pro tournaments. Not many poker players in the world have earned bragging rights to claim their poker up to the challenge of the big events, but Simon has achieved this.

His fans are truly gutted, I am gutted as a news editor, but there is always a silver lining to every cloud and Simon has been fortunate enough to live life to the full. We wish him good luck and our hearts and minds are with him and his family during this difficult time.


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