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Sahamies Back In Form – Nearly $1 Million Last Week!

Sahamies Back In Form – Nearly $1 Million Last Week!

If there is one high stakes player that has certainly had a year of ups and downs, it is Ilari “Ilari FIN” Sahamies. He has endured massive downswings and then massive upswings, with his latest swing being one of the better ones.

He had been down around $1.6 million for most of the year until he had a massive turn of fortune over the past couple of months turning that deficit into a profit of more than a million. He then dropped around $700k again and has now just turned it around to make nearly a million in the past week alone at the high stakes tables at PokerStars.

Yesterday saw him as the highest earner with regards to highstakes action as he took down a score of $227.8k whilst plying his trade on the $200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha tables.

The day started slow for him as throughout the first couple of hours he was neither up nor down, however it was when he came back for a session in the afternoon where things started to pick up. He banked a staggering $240k in less than three hours.

He was playing against some of the usual high stakes players on PokerStars such as Sam “tr1ck7” Trickett and the ever repressible “barcode”. This session also brought on of the biggest pots of the day, with ‘’Barcode” winning $223.1k with a full house from Sahamies.

In his later sessions he continued where he left off as he was up against the likes of “Sauce123”, “patpatman”, and “Jeans89”. He actually claimed his largest pot of the day when he took $162.1k from “refaelamit” after hitting trips on the river.

Though he lost that pot, “refaelamit” actually had a good day too; he took a score of $155.8k for the day whilst at the $200/$400 tables. The players he took most of his winnings from were “Sauce123” and “vivi01” during his main session to the tune of $103k.

The biggest loser of the day was Gus Hansen who dropped another $300k on Full Tilt Poker, which he will be disappointed about after making a profit of $450k the day before.

The Day’s Biggest Earners!

Ilari FIN +$227.8k

Kagome Kagome +$225.7

refaelamit +$155.8.

Barcode +$130.2k

Can Sahamies keep up this winning run or will we again see him have one of his massive downswings before the end of the year? With Ilari you can never really tell, though you know it is going to be pure entertainment watching him play.




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