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Sahamies Run Ends – “patpatman” Scores Rare Win

Sahamies Run Ends – “patpatman” Scores Rare Win

Despite the World Series Of Poker Main Event final table being played yesterday, the high stakes tables on PokerStars were still flowing nicely. The biggest story being that the Ilari Sahamies run has now come to an end with a rather large drop of $405k yesterday.

Amongst the players to benefit from his demise were “patpatman”, “barcode”, “Jeans89”, “Sauce123” and “Skjervoy”. “patpatman” was certainly the biggest beneficiary though as he took home $161.6k, he was followed not too far behind by “Skjervoy” who banked $129.4k.

In total, “patpatman” took almost $25k from that table before losing a chunk of it, probably due to being involved in some of the biggest pots of the day. His biggest being a hand being one in which both he and “Ilari FIN” hit a flush, but his was the better one and he took down $198.4k.

The Biggest Hand Of The Day!

Though “patpatman” was involved in plenty of big hands, the biggest of the day didn’t involve him. The hand in question was between “Ilari FIN” and “barcode”, the pot was $243k and the hand ended with “barcode” hitting runner runner nut flush to steal the almost certain win from Sahamies.

That brought Sahamies losses down to around $550k for the day and he was obviously tilting after that crushing hand, so much so that he suggested some $100k per player flips between him and “barcode”. The latter should probably have decided not to gamble against a man that had just won $2 million within a week, but he duly accepted. Ilari won 4 out of the 6 and won a chunk of his money back.

Ilari was then involved in a another big pot where the luck did swing his way, he won $200k by virtue of a pair of eights as his opponent who was again “barcode” missed his open ended straight draw. That pot added to another healthy comeback on the $200/$400 tables reduced his losses for the day to $200k which was where he decided to call it a day.

However, as with many poker players they always come back for more. After a long 11 hour break he returned to the tables, to again meet “barcode” who had been having a difficult day himself up to that point. Ilari lost $200k in little over 90 minutes.

So it seems that his heater has finally come to an end, which means it is now up to him to try and control himself on the tables and restrict his losses before he sees his newly found profit for the year disappearing again.

The Day’s Biggest Winners!

patpatman +$161.6k

Skjervøy +$129.4k

Sauce123 +$101.1k

w00ki3z. +100k





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