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Sahamies Turns $1.4 Million Deficit Into $100k Profit Within Four Days

Sahamies Turns $1.4 Million Deficit Into $100k Profit Within Four Days

Just four days ago Ilari “ilari FIN” Sahamies was amongst the biggest losers of the year on the PokerStars high stakes tables, having lost a total of $1.4 million throughout the year. However, in an amazing four days he has completed turned around almost ten months of losing by winning close to $1.5 million.

We have already reported on how he won $1.03 million the other day at the high stakes tables to significantly reduce his deficit, everybody thought that may well be the end of his fabulous run, yet yesterday he added to it with another $482k.

This has all brought him back into profit by $111k for the year, which means he is now considered a winning player again for the first time this year.

Early Start!

The day did not actually start to well for him as he dropped $170k playing on the $100/$200 Pot Limit Omaha tables. Near the end of his first session of the day he decided to go back to where he prefers, the nosebleed stakes table, the $200/$400 Pot Limit tables. He played on four tables simultaneously and immediately started crushing his opponents; he decided to stay on for another six hours where he turned a profit on each of the tables he was sat at. One table in particular saw him score a $300k profit.

He was up against the usual suspects throughout the day of players such as “Sauce123”, “ValueClown”, “Jeans89”, “Isildur1” and “barcode”. Each of these players all turned in losses for the day with “barcode” losing the most at $200k.

The Biggest Pots Of The Day!

Sahamies was involved in more than half of the biggest pots played out yesterday, with his biggest being in a hand against “Isildur1”. The latter picked a wrong time to push all in when Sahamies had hit a set on the turn, giving him a pot of $196k.

He then gets lucky on the river against “barcode” when he hits a flush on the river for a pot of $162.3k, before making “jeans89” fold with a bluff for a pot worth $150.2k.

He was also involved in the biggest hand of the day, though this time he lost, that was against “Sauce123” and his nut flush on the turn cracking Sahamies A-A.

There were no other major winners yesterday which means Sahamies can take all of the glory, with the next most successful winner scoring an average $85.4k at the Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo tables.

The Day’s Biggest Winners!

Ilari FIN – $481.9k

Skjervoy – $95.7k

FakeLove888 – $85.4k

Ike Haxton – $71.9k


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