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“SallyWoo” Biggest Winner Over The Weekend

“SallyWoo” Biggest Winner Over The Weekend

As we predicted, the high stakes action has started to pick up after Christmas, with the weekend especially seeing a marked improvement. There was even an old rivalry getting back into action, with “SallyWoo” and “Gus Hansen” locking horns like they always used to, with there being two heads up sessions between the two.

It was “SallyWoo” that ended up as the big winner from both of those sessions however as he took $281k from Hansen on Friday and then a further $533k the following day. That gave him a total profit for the weekend of $813.7k

This means that all of the hard work that Hansen has done last week has practically been undone in a couple of days. He had managed to make a profit of $937k during the week only to lose $854.2k over the weekend.

Despite those two taking centre stage over the weekend, there were still plenty of other big winners throughout the weekend. “Seb86” was one of them, having made a profit of nearly $200k whilst playing at the 2-7 Triple Draw tables. He was up against the likes of “DealMeInFast”, “1Mastermind” and the first appearance since Christmas of “Isildur1”.

Another of the big winners was “ronnyr37617” who spent most of his time playing at the Pot Limit Omaha tables and scored $213k in the process. Joining him in the profit stakes was “fishosaurusREX” as he banked a more than healthy $157.5k on the very same tables.

Over at PokerStars we saw another six figure winner in the shape of “mikki696” as he managed to bank $159.6k on a selection of Pot Limit Omaha tables.

Who Has Been Losing?

Well apart from the obvious loss of Gus Hansen, there were others that may have still been suffering from a Christmas hangover. “Vaga_Lion” lost $148k and “Polarizing” dropped $213k during the weekend, with them probably now looking forward to a fresh start in the New Year.

The Largest Pots!

There were only two large pots of note over the weekend, with the biggest in fact being won by “eitan2134” on PokerStars. He got a little lucky on the river to take down the pot of $55.4k whilst on the Pot Limit Omaha tables.

The next biggest pot was won by “fish2013” as he flopped a set on nines that turned into a full house on the river to crack the aces of his opponent “Aron0621” to win the pot of $50.1k.

The Weekends Biggest Winners!

SallyWoo – (+$813.7k)

Seb86 – (+$499.3k)

ronnyr37617 – (+$193.8k)

fishosaurusREX – (+$157.5k)


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