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“SallyWoo” Hits $1 Million Earnings So Far In 2013

“SallyWoo” Hits $1 Million Earnings So Far In 2013

The high stakes action has been nothing short of phenomenal so far in 2013, with the amounts of money being exchanged making 2012 look like poker for pennies. If there was one player making the headlines over the past couple of days however, it is certainly “SallyWoo”. He has secured another $260k profit of late that has now seen him break past the $1 million barrier for the first time this year.

Despite that being an excellent performance in 2013 so far, he still only ranks fourth overall for profit during the first 17 days of this year. The players he currently trails are Viktor Blom, Ben Tollerene and the super smart Phil Galfond, though just being mentioned in the same breath of players of that caliber is a huge compliment.

His haul came from just a couple of players at Full Tilt Poker, with him first taking a quick $74k from “Isildur1”. He then played against Gus Hansen for just over an hour and secured another $186k, before calling it a day.

The player who has secured the second highest profits recently was “punting-peddler”, after being extremely successful whilst playing a selection of players at the Mixed Game tables. He took down $220.6k, with the player to ship him the most of that being “Erik1223”.

Another player that has done over the past couple of days is “ronnyr37617”, as he has banked a very healthy $103.7k. Just behind him with regards to profit were “GSinishtaj” with $102.9k and “mastrblastr” who added another $101.1k to his poker accounts.

The Largest Pots!

The action has mainly been over at the $200/$400 CAP tables recently which have led to a reduction in the pot sizes we been used to in the early part of the year. The largest we have seen recently was won by “patpatpanda” against “davin77” as he manages to survive the flush draw outs of his opponent for a pot of $48.4k.

There were no huge losers yesterday, thought “andrewkirk” did drop around $107k. This is probably again down to the fact that the players have been avoiding the no limit tables recently.

The Biggest Profits!

SallyWoo – (+$259.9k)

punting-peddler – (+$220.6k)

ronnyr37617 – (+$103.7k)

GSinishtaj – (+$102.9k)

Keep in touch if you like to be well informed when it comes to the highest stakes poker players on the internet. We like to keep our eyes firmly on what is going down on these tables, so that we can keep our readers fully up to date. So check back tomorrow as we will most likely be providing another high stakes roundup.


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