Sam Trickett parties all night after massive win (vid)

Sam Trickett

Back in 2012, when the first edition of the Big One For One Drop poker tournament took place in Las Vegas, Antonio Esfandiari emerged victorious. He took home the largest prize ever awarded in a live poker tournament while Sam Trickett came in second and scooped a prize slightly exceeding $10 million. Although Sam told the media that he was a bit upset by the fact that he failed to win the event, all of the millions warranted a celebration and that’s exactly what Trickett had in mind.

Soon after leaving the casino, the poker professional and a couple of friends and a female companion Natasha Sandhu went straight to a local club. The party began relatively early but those attending had no plans for leaving early and the event acted as a magnet for both poker players and fun loving people. Expensive champagne, cocktails and some of the best DJs in Las Vegas kept people dancing, cheering and at one point even singing.

Luckily, not all of those present at the venue were overwhelmed by joy and enthusiasm and someone decided to capture the most important moments on camera. Not surprising, the video reveals the non-stop action and a public not only celebrating Sam’s victory, but also posing for the camera. It would be an understatement to say that this was an exclusive party that prevented the general public from mingling with the guests, but even so there were hundreds of people celebrating with Trickett.

The somewhat crowded club proved to be the perfect setting for these fun loving individuals and Sam made the most of this opportunity. In the wake of finishing second in the Big One For One Drop poker tournament, he told reporters that he intended to “drink until his organs hurt” and that’s exactly what he did. With no upcoming tournament, the poker pro was free to party all night and drink alcohol and he proved that he is just as good at partying as he is at playing poker.

Much later that night, he and a couple of friends visited a local McDonald’s to enjoy a tasty meal and recharge their energy after the flamboyant party. The customers seemed to be pleasantly surprised by how inexpensive such a meal was, although with $10 million in your bank account, even the most expensive restaurants are accessible. Unfortunately for Sam Trickett and Natasha Sandhu, the night ended at the hospital after the two of them were attacked by six men who beat Sam up pretty badly.