“samrostan” is the month’s hottest online poker player

mouse and money

Poker players know that downswings are the biggest threat to their bankroll and go to great lengths to mitigate their losses during these difficult times. Every now and then, things go their way and they win huge amounts in back-to-back sessions, something that the online player ”samrostan” can relate to.

One of the regulars at nosebleed limits, ”samrostan” is widely regarded as a specialist of 8-Game tables and this month he did a great job at reinforcing this idea. He resides in Macau but for obvious reasons he also spends a lot of time competing over the internet and apparently he never runs out of action. In a bit over a week, he won an impressive amount of $1.3 million playing exclusively his favourite game and causing significant losses to poker professionals, like Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond.

The two players met several times over the last nine days in lengthy sessions and each time Galfond found himself on the wrong end of big pots, while his opponent added a few hundred thousand dollars to his bankroll. ”samrostan” scored a big hit on Tuesday when he beat the poker pro of more than $800,000 in a poker marathon of eight hours.Galfond was reluctant to surrender and accept defeat and challenged his opponent for a new session, with ”samrostan” emerging victorious once again.

This time he won $111k before Galfond eventually gave up, but after taking the entire day off to rest and cool down, Galfond returned to the tables for a three and a half hour hour session. Before the 600th hand was dealt, ”samrostan” won in excess of $100,000, with most of these winnings being secured in the first half of the session. Much to his credit, Galfond stood within striking distance and at one point he seemed capable of offsetting the losses.

In the end, he had to settle for another losing session and found little solace in the fact that he won some of the money back in the last hour. By winning this six digit amount, ”samrostan” took his total winnings over the last nine days to $1.3 million and what’s most important is that $950,000 came straight from Phil Galfond’s bankroll. There is still more than a week left of 2014 and things could change by the end of the month, yet ”samrostan” has an excellent chance of being the most successful online poker player this December.