“Satellite Hero” to Face Gus Hansen At Full Tilt Poker

Gus Hansen

Another brilliant Full Tilt Poker promotion has hit the soon to be semi-poker semi-casino sister site of the massive PokerStars online poker room.

‘Satellite Hero’ has just been etched onto the promotion pages giving players a chance to win a slice of a $4,000 kitty in aid of the MiniFTOPS XXIII event. In that promotion comes the chance to get onto the virtual felts and put your screen name on the opposite side of the table, to one of the biggest names in poker. Poker star Gus Hansen has been touted as the man to beat and as of late his online form on the Full Tilt cash tables hasn’t been top notch, making this as good a time as any to win some cash and earn yourself bragging rights as a player who sat down with the best and came out on top.

The promotion started rattling the wires yesterday and will keep churning out the cards until the first day of September. It won’t be easy to get a game against Gus as it’s definitely a challenge to get into the Hero Freeroll tournament in the first place, as it will mean entering into any of the Full Tilt scheduled tournaments and winning! The minimum tournament buy-in is $1.00 tournaments in order to qualify for the Hero’s Freeroll; that will eventually see the winner get to challenge with the big Full Tilt man himself, Gus.

It doesn’t stop there either. This free roll is not going to start as any other ordinary tournament would with all the stacks even! Players can win multiple $1.00+ tournaments and build up their chip stacks before the free roll event starts. That’s huge because if you are a demon on the felts in the scheduled tournaments, you could be starting with a huge chip advantage. And if you do manage to make it into the hero’s tournament, beware because the players starting with the big stacks are good!

Once the promos final date has reached us it’ll only be another seven days for the hero’s freeroll to get underway on 7 September. Plus if you don’t win the tournament, there is a massive incentive to run deep anyway as the first 126 runners-up will be added into one of the MiniFTOPS XXIII events with a free buy-in. That means this free roller is boasting a guaranteed prize pool worth over $3,000 already.

As for the winner of the Hero’s event, it will be off to face down with Gus Hansen who is allowing the challenger to start the showdown with a 2 to 1 advantage on their chip stack. Be warned, Hansen is likely to go all-in very easily and if you catch the right cards, you could see this match end within just a few hands and be crowned a champ and rewarded a free buy-in into the massive MiniFTOPS XXIII event.