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“Sauce123” Approaching $4 Million Profit For The Year

“Sauce123” Approaching $4 Million Profit For The Year

Ben “Sauce123” Suslky has been at the top of the profit charts all year with regards to playing high stakes poker, with his total now up to $3.5 million for the year to date. Yesterday saw him taking $390.6k as he plied his trade on his preferred $200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha tables.

This score has pushed him further out in front to be the highest earner of the year with regards to online cash games, with Ben “Ben86” Tollerene currently sitting on a profit of $2.9 million for the year so far. It is looking more and more likely that Sulsky will end the year at the top unless Tollerene can pull something extra special out of the bag or hope that his opponent suffers a loss in form.

Sauce123” ended up becoming the day’s biggest winner with his closest challenger “patpatman” taking home a good $299.5k. He achieved this n a relatively short session too, only spending a little over four hours at the table, so he earned a rate of $100k an hour, not a bad hourly rate I am sure that you agree.

Another player who is in good form right now is “1-ronnyr3” who turned a profit of around $200k a couple of days ago and added another $295k yesterday to make it a good half a million within just a few days.

Biggest Pots Of The Day!

With “Sauce123” being the biggest winner of the day, it is then no surprise that he would have been involved in some of the biggest pots of the day too. One saw him take down a pot of $244k from “refaelamit” when he hit a set on the flop to beat off the two pair of his opponent.

His next biggest pot was worth only half as much as he again managed to flop a set to take a pot of $128k against the aces of his opponent “Odd_Oddsen”.

Whilst he was certainly involved in some big pots, “Sauce123” wasn’t involved in the biggest pot of the day. That honour fell to both “Ilari FIN” and “refealamit” when they contested a pot of $245.7k. “refealamit” started the hand behind but hit a full house on the turn to leave “Ilari FIN” stunned.

The Biggest Losers Of The Day!

We all know that where there are winners, there has to be losers too, with yesterday’s biggest drop being suffered by “Barcode”. He managed to lose around $320k, whilst “Odd_Oddsen” was not much further behind with a loss of $300k.

This puts both players on a similar downturn as they have each dropped around $600k throughout the past few weeks.

The Day’s Biggest Profit Makers!

Sauce123 – (+$390.6k)

patpatman – (+$299.5k)

1-ronnyr3 – (+$294.5k)

Erik1223 – (+$148.8k)



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