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“Sauce123” Gets Back Above The $3 Million Mark For 2012

“Sauce123” Gets Back Above The $3 Million Mark For 2012

Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky has had a difficult week on the high stakes tables at PokerStars, though the last two days he has managed to claw some of it back. Two days ago he had losses of $600k for the week, yet he pulled some back with a profit of $100k on Tuesday and then yesterday further reduced his losses with a profit of $213k. This has now put him back over the $3 million profit mark for the year so far.

He is the only player to have earned more than $3 million, though “EireAbu” did have profits of around $3.5 million but has since fallen down the pecking order.

He was playing at the $200/$400 pot limit tables whilst he also had a few spells on the $50/$100 stakes too. It was the $200/$400 tables where he won half of his daily profit when up against players such as “Ilari FIN”, “yiyi01” to name just a couple.

There wasn’t too much action at the nosebleed tables yesterday, but he still managed to take down some big pots, with one being a $104.9k pot against “Ilari FIN” when his opponent had rivered a flush only to see that “Sauce123” was holding the nut flush.

On the $100/$200 tables he was up against some usual suspects in “tr1ck7”, “yiyi01”, “longerpig” and “Isildur1”. He won the other half of his profit on this table with his biggest pot coming against “tr1ck7” when his opponent was chasing a gutshot draw only to see it miss and Sulsky to walk away with the pot of $50k with a set of eights.

Other Notable Winners On The Day!

Other six figure winners included both “barcode” and “Skjervoy” who had banked $125.4k and a good $117.6k respectively. They both amassed these profits by playing on the $200/$400 pot limit Omaha tables throughout the day.

It was in fact “barcode” who got the biggest hand of the day after taking a pot of $200k when up against “Ilari FIN”. His opponent flopped the top pair and thought he was on to the winner; however “barcode” rivered a two pair to steal the pot.

Ilari did manage to win some of that back in another pot against “barcode” where he rivered a win for a pot of $100k. It wasn’t enough to stop him being one of the biggest losers of the day though as he dropped around $90k.

Sam Trickett topped the losers list though as he lost around $250k, though in fairness he still finished the month in profit of around $327k.

The Day’s Biggest Winners:

Sauce123 +$213.7k

barcode +$125.4k

Skjervoy +$117.6k





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