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“Sauce1234” Up $154k On Full Tilt

shutterstock_95565283Due to there being a rather big event going down in London town right now, the action on the high stakes tables at both of the biggest online poker sites in PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker has been understandably quiet.

In fact the player who has taken home the most profit during the past couple of days is Ben “Sauce1234” Sulsky after playing some $150/$300 2-7 Triple Draw against Tom “durrrr” Dwan on Full Tilt Poker.

That session only lasted a little more than a couple of hours with them both sitting on two tables against each other. “Sauce1234” continued where he left off a few days back when he again beat Dwan, with this time seeing him taking $154.1k from his opponent.

Dwan then went on to lose even more throughout the period, dropping $90k against “RookieNFL” over on the $300/$600 No Limit Holdem tables. That win was enough to make his opponent the periods second highest profit maker, meaning that Dwan was responsible for both of the top two.

On top of that, Dwan was eliminated in the EPT London yesterday too.

The Periods Largest Pots!

The largest pot we saw throughout this period was won between “Sanlker” and “durrrr” with the former coming out on top after his flopped top two pair sticks until the end to give him $135.9k. The two then clashed again for another big pot, with the winner being the same man.

It occurred when Dwan was holding pocket aces and “Sanlker” the K-Q, with a queen hitting on the flop to ensure plenty of money going into the pot. Another queen on the river would have incensed Dwan though and delighted his opponent who took home $127.6k.

When you consider the calibre of players that are playing at the EPT London, you can understand why it is so quiet in the online world, especially with Viktor Blom still going strong in the event. He is usually online daily either winning or losing big.

In fact most of the players that are usually online have been involved, so we do not expect things to pick up until a few more of them have been eliminated from the event.

The Largest Profits!

“Sauce1234” – (+$154.1k)

“RookieNLF” – (+$91.8k)

“Isildur1” – (+$59.5k)

“SiiliSuhonen” – (+$57.1k)

Check back with us tomorrow to see if in fact things have picked back up yet. We will produce a report no matter what anyway, so tune in to see what is happening on the virtual felt.


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