‘The Saurus’ vs. ‘Assassinato’ Battle Rap

Opposing heads

This year at the World Series of Poker was always meant to be more about fun rather than the seriousness of the game and this latest video certainly hits that nail on the head. Pete ‘The Saurus’ Morris and Alex ‘Assassinato’ Fitzgerald went up against eachother in a battle rap during the dinner break of the Main Event a couple of days ago. The rap was held in the Amazon Room at the Rio and went down a storm with the players that attended.

The battle rap was put on by Bluff Magazine and showed the lyrical skills of both players. Morris is actually a seasoned rapper but this was the first time Fitzgerald had ever done a battle. He did excellently it has to be said.

Take a look at the video below but do be warned that there is some bad language scattered throughout.