Savage Recovering After Potentially Paralysing Accident

Matt Savage

You may have recently read our story featuring the high levels of work that Tournament Director Matt Savage puts into his role, even in his spare time through the use of social media such as Twitter. However, we have recently learnt that he suffered an accident on a water slide that left him with a real chance of being paralysed if the required surgery was not a success.

Luckily, the operation was a success and he is now back out of the hospital, though he will still need plenty of rest and recuperation before he can get back up to speed with his day job. Take a look at his Tweets over the last week explaining the situation.







A stay in the hospital isn’t even enough to keep Matt Savage away from answering tournament related questions though, as he was more than happy to still offer his advice whilst laid up in the hospital bed.

We want to wish Matt a speedy recovery, though advise he perhaps avoids those water slides and sticks to his golf in the future.