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Sbrissa Victorious at LAPT Brazil

sao paulo photoAnother LAPT event has been settled with Victor Sbrissa running through the last eight at the final table, by coming up from fifth in chips to take the title versus Daniel Murta in an entertaining heads-up finale.

It was looking grim for Daniel Murta, who had started off the final table with only the sixth highest chip stack, just behind his heads-up opponent Sbrissa, but had clawed his way up to heads-up only to be short stacked with 2.7 million to play. To make things worse after an hour of heads-up play, the blinds were just about to take another jump from the 80k/160k levels. Murta had to do something quickly as he was soon approaching the ten big blind mark in his stack.

Murta looked at his hole cards and saw As-Jd, which was the perfect hand to raise 350k pre-flop from the button. Sbrissa called the bet and we saw a flop that resulted in both players hitting (Jh-Qc-6c). Sbrissa was holding Qs-4s and was ahead unbeknown to Murta, who probably guessed he was in good shape when he shoved for the first time since heads-up play had begun an hour ago. When the players’ cards were flipped, Murta was stunned as he became aware of the fact he was at risk with only five outs left to save him. There was still an outside chance for Murta if a runner runner straight via a King and Ten could make the turn and the river.

The Kd did come through on the turn, giving Murta some hope with four outs to a Broadway and adding four outs to Murta’s post-flop five outs to improve. Four tens, three Aces and two Jacks lurked in the pack with forty-four cards remaining by the river, giving a nine out of forty-four chance and creating around a 20% chance of survival for Murta. However, the river was no help with a 3s sending Murta to the rails and out in second place.

Victor Sbrissa had taken down the championship for the first time. The Brazilian has won the Sao Paulo Brazilian Series of Poker (BSOP) in November last year, as well as cashed twice previously in similar BSOP events, so this is a massive step up for a player who has remained relatively unknown on the poker scene. He is now a South American cult on the poker scene and this was very obvious as he pulled over the rest of the chips to his stack and his supporters celebrated the victory with thunderous roars and applause.

Season 6 has now bred a new winner, but the top of the Season 6 leader board remains unchanged with Pablo Alexander Tavitian still taking pole position with 1000 points closely followed by Leonardo Martins with 850 and Jose Barbero, who crashed in eleventh place sitting with 750 points in third.

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