Schindler Wins At SHRPO Super High Roller (vid)

Pack of Dollars

Whilst the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open Main Event was being played out yesterday, Day 2 of the $100k Super High Roller and was finished after just eight hours. There were 9 players that decided to part ways with $100k and just two of them made any sort of profit from their investment.

Each of the nine players that entered were of a very high standard, which is what you would expect from any $100k buy-in event. The likes of Scott Seiver, Josh Arieh, Dan Smith and PokerStars Team Pro Jason Mercier all made an attempt to win this event but in the end it was Jacob Schindler that walked away with those honours.

He took home $570,375 after beating Ryan Fee heads up and will no doubt be delighted with his achievement. The final hand saw Schindler limp on the button and his opponent Fee push all-in, Schindler called instantly holding the Kh-Kd. Fee had the 8s-9s and was well behind but then got a bit of luck on the flop of 4c-8d-9d. This luck was short lived however when the turn and river fell as the Kc-As.

Fee earned $307,125 for his runner up finish whilst Scott Seiver suffered a loss despite coming third with a payout of $50k.


There was actually some confusion as to how many players were to be paid. According to the players involved, the prize structure had not even been put in place before the event had started despite the players requesting the information.

Eventually it was decided that the top two players in the event would win a share of the prize pool at percentages of 65 and 35. However, they soon changes that to the top 3 being changed before again changing to the top two.

This of course caused a lot of friction between the players and tournament staff after each had seen half the tournament already played out at this point.

The Seminole did make somewhat of an amends in the end by adding $50k of their own money to pay the player that finished in third place.

The Final Standings

1st) Jake Schindler – $570,375

2nd) Ryan Fee – $307,125

3rd) Scott Seiver – $50,000

Watch the full action from Day 2 of the Super High Roller play out in the following long eight-hour video: