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“SchoitI” Biggest High Stakes Winner During Last Couple Of Days

“SchoitI” Biggest High Stakes Winner During Last Couple Of Days

The action since Christmas has passed has been gradually picking up on the high stakes tables, as players have slowly been recovering from their over indulgences. The last couple of days saw two big winners on the tables as “SchoitI” took home $109k whilst “Poker_KaMI” secured profits of $101.1k.

Both players took their respective profits on the $200/$400 CAP pot Limit Omaha tables over at Full Tilt, which meant that yet again there were not many substantial pots being made.

The biggest pot during this period was actually won by “SchoitI” when a three handed pot ended with him hitting his wrap on the turn to take down $48k. A little while over another big pot happened involving exactly the same players with the winner this time being “Poker_KaMI” when he managed to hit a set on the river for a $46.7k payout.

Other successful players included “Vaga_Lion” who scored a profit of $78.8k and “[email protected]££INGGOL” who was the biggest winner over at PokerStars with a profit of $71.3k on the $100/$200 Pot limit Omaha tables.

Gus Hansen also continued his recent upswing, though only just as he managed to make a small profit of $34k over this period to bring his winnings during the week above the $900k mark. Though that profit may not be the biggest, it is still a step in the right direction, and certainly big money for most of us out there.

The Biggest Drops!

There has to be losers or there would never be winners, and there have been two players that top the list in the past couple of days. “ronnyr37617” suffered a small blip in his recent upswing to drop a six figure sum, whilst “howisitfeellike” dropped a similar amount too playing on those $200/$400 CAP Pot Limit Omaha tables.

The Biggest Profits!

Schoitl – (+$109k)

Poker_KaMI – (+$101.2k)

Vaga_Lion – (+$78.8k)

[email protected]££INGGOL – (+$71.3k)

Many of the usual suspects have still not shown their faces on the high stakes tables over the festive period, with names like Tom Dwan, Ilari Shamies, Ben Sulsky and Ben Tollerene opting to take a well deserved break from the tables.

We expect all of that to change though in the coming weeks, with players looking to get a good early start in 2013. When they return, you can be sure that we will be there to let you know which of them manages to start the year with a bang and which ones wish they didn’t bother in the first place.


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