SCOOP unveils first winners in the wake of Sunday events


One of the most important online tournament is in full swing and poker professionals have traded live tabled for the virtual felt. The event started on Sunday and the names of the first winners were unveiled, while many poker pros have announced their achievements on Twitter. Many finished in the money in Sunday events and some are still alive in tournaments that will conclude today or tomorrow.

Then again, there is Bertrand Grospellier who is yet to sit down at a SCOOP 2014 table, as his RSA token got stolen with his bag. There is not much that Elky can do, but it is only fair to expect him to be back at the tables by the end of the week.

Liv Boeree was much luckier and she fully enjoys the SCOOP experience while gearing up for the United Kingdom and Ireland International Poker Tour. She will be participating in the next tournament scheduled for next week in Nottingham and invites her peers to watch the live stream as well. As for the SCOOP she cashed twice and is still alive in another event that is yet to decide a winner.

Elsewhere, Daniel Negreanu is busy with side projects but promises to return to the tables shortly and is equally enthusiastic about the SCOOP 2014. Victoria Coren also finished in the money in one event, but failed to qualify for the second one, which means that she won’t be playing in Day 2. The good news is that she can use this break to get some rest and return fresh for a new round tomorrow.

Jezpez from Denmark won the SCOOP-03-M: $109 NL Hold’em [Turbo,][Progressive][Super-Knockout] tournament and a corresponding prize of $55,422 + $9,429 in bounties. There were 7287 players at the start line and the prize pool soared to $728,700, but only these nine below made the final table:

1. Jezpez – $55,422.03 + $9,429.29 bounties
2. Albert McFly – $40,989.37 + $8,022.08 bounties
3. zao92 – $29,148.00 + 1,391.77 bounties
4. syvers007 – $20,039.25 + $4,852.64 bounties
5. SONGJOY – $15,302.70 + $3,408.32 bounties
6. smerks – $11,659.20 + $2,020.68 bounties
7. lady_IG – $8,015.70 + $3,434.60 bounties
8. Pawlinho – $4,372.20 + 1,854.56 bounties
9. tgf18tgf – $2,823.71 + $4,821.47 bounties

Max666917 from Russia was the other big winner this Sunday, as he outshines a massive field of 26,047 to win the biggest share of the $130,235 prize pool. 3,600 players made the money and this is how the final table shaped up when event SCOOP 03-L: $11 NLHE Turbo, Progressive Super-Knockout ended:

1. Max666917 – $12,390.82 ($2,477 bounties)
2. Trona ziptet – $9,033.09 ($818.67 bounties)
3. kingsize86 – $5,860.57 ($1,375.09 bounties)
4. neesam1405 – $4,688.46 ($833.88 bounties)
5. Raise3333 – $3,516.34 ($570.75 bounties)
6. naniol – $2,344.23 ($554.12 bounties)
7. CCmuney – $1,627.93 ($1,054.89 bounties)
8. AATwinTowers – $1,106.99 ($850.33 bounties)
9. colddeck14 – $651.17 (335.76 bounties)