Scott Seiver Rugby Tackles Daniel Negreanu (vid)

player tackling

The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure always seems to catch players in the best of moods, just after Christmas and New Year, stunning climate and the first major tournament on the yearly calendar. These moods however, can sometimes turn a little mischievous as Daniel Negreanu found out when doing an interview during the Super High Roller.

Out of nowhere came Scott Seiver trundling towards him before rugby tackling him, leaving both players sprawled across the floor. The reason Seiver did it? For $500 given to him by Jason Koon who allegedly wanted to see Negreanu laid out in front of everybody.

It also seemed that Seiver quite enjoyed this type of player on player action and later asked everyone that listen to pay him $500 to do the same to Koon himself. Nobody was willing to pay that much but one player offered $200 and Seiver snapped it up before launching at Koon whilst he too was giving a televised interview.

$700 in a day is not too bad, especially since he busted out of that event with no cash.