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“Seb86” Wins $152.6k – But Ivey Is Back!

“Seb86” Wins $152.6k – But Ivey Is Back!

Whilst “Seb86” will be celebrating being the day’s biggest winner at the highs takes tables on either PokerStars or Full Tilt Poker, he will probably accept that the biggest news of the day was that the legendary Phil Ivey was back grinding at the site.

“Seb86” ended the day yesterday as the highest earning high stakes player having banked $152.6k, yet it was another player who stole the headlines. Phil Ivey is back at his original stomping ground, the very site that he amassed a mind boggling $19 million at the high stakes action.

Phil Ivey is widely recognised as the best poker player on the planet, with the money he has made at astounding levels. People may compare his WSOP trophies to Hellmuth and the fact that he is behind, yet he has made far more money than his much decorated colleague.

A player by the name of “Polarizing” has been spotted on the site over the past few days, yet it wasn’t confirmed exactly who the player was until today.

This is because the former Red Pros no longer exist and FTP offered them the chance to change their original screen names if they chose to. A part of that agreement meant that each layer that played against the player would be informed of the change.

So a player known as “ioi” revealed the email he was sent by FTP revealing that this player was in fact Phil Ivey. In fact Ivey is far from the first Red Pro that has changed his screen name, with the biggest case being that of “Alex Luneau” who has gone back to his very original name of “Alexonmoon”.

It wasn’t a bad start either in anyone’s books as he managed to become the day’s second biggest profit maker. He banked $145.6k whilst playing on the $1k/$2k tables in a couple of short afternoon sessions.

Today hasn’t been so bad either, as the last time we checked he was already up by $80k over at the 2-7 Triple Draw tables. Most of those winnings have so far come from “mastrblastr”. If he carries on in that vein of form who knows what we will be reporting his profit to be tomorrow.

Blom Drops Some!

Viktor Blom has had a good few days, as we reported, yet yesterday was a struggle for him. He dropped around $147k whilst playing at the $200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha tables, with most of it going to “patpatpanda”. That left him with a loss of $103k yesterday, though he is still well up to the tune of $1.25 million since the site re-launched.

The Day’s Biggest Profits!

Seb86 +$152.6k

Polarizing +$145.6k

patpatpanda +$88.5k

KTPOKP +$61.6k



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