Sebastian Pauli Is EPT London Main Event Champion

London, UK

The week long battle for the EPT London Main Event trophy and the £499,700 first place prize money is now over. After 207 hands at the final table, it was Sebastian Pauli who sat behind all of the chips.  His victory denied runner up Kevin MacPhee his second EPT Main Event title, but he did leave the Grand Connaught Rooms £308,500 richer.

The entertaining and epic final table started with eight players, all more than capable of taking the title. Two of the players, MacPhee and Jake Cody were looking to become two time main event winners.

Chips changed hands quite a bit in the first few levels, with some players making very big laydowns. The first eliminations did not occur for several hours.  Pablo Gordillo was the first to exit when his Ace-10 could not overtake Kevin Killeen’s pocket threes.  Moments later Jonathan Bensadoun rain Ace-Queen into Arture Koren’s pocket Kings.

Jake Cody doubled through Loren a little over an orbit later, but even with 4.8 million in chips he was still far behind chip leader Pauli and in reality not a lot closer to winning his second title.

Players exchanged double-ups and chips until Level 30, when Jakub Mroczek fell in 6th place. His finish was a surprise to most as he had been the short stack since play began.

The two former champions one again butted heads and Cody was left on the short stack when MacPhee hit his flush on the river. MacPhee finished the job a few minutes later sending Cody to the payout window.

Killeen busted Koren in a battle of the blinds after Koren limped and then snap-called Killeen’s’ shove. Koren was ahead preflop with eights against Killeen’s Queen-Jack. After a Queen and Jack hit the board, the dealer pushed the pot to Killeen and Koren made his exit.

With only three left, the players discussed a deal, but Pauli as chip leader did not think the deal was fair and play continued.  Killeen then became the third place finisher.

As heads-up play began Pauli had more than 5 million more chips than MacPhee, and never gave it up. MacPhee came very close to evening the stacks,

After a short break MacPhee started the heads-up battle for his second EPT title with 7,445,000 chips versus Pauli’s 12,810,000-chip stack. At no point did Pauli give up his chip lead, but MacPhee came very close to evening the playing field. Pauli then looked down at pocket aces stand once again took a big lead.  One the last hand MacPhee raised Pauli three-bet and after tanking for long time MacPhee shoved. Pauli insta-called with Ace-Queen and was way ahead of MacPhee’s Ace-ten.

Final Table Payouts

1 Sebastian Pauli £499,700
2 Kevin MacPhee £308,500
3 Kevin Killeen £220,500
4 Arture Koren £168,900
5 Jake Cody £133,800
6 Jakub Mroczek £104,200
7 Jonathan Bensadoun £75,900
8 Pablo Gordillo £51,900