Selbst on “architects of the next decade” list

Vanessa Selbst

Vanessa Selbst has been announced as one member on a list of “architects of the next decade”. Her name is now on the ‘40 under 40’ list for the Advocate magazine, which is well-known amongst the gay community in the US for its influence on issues in line with the gay rights movement.

Selbst was honoured to be considered on such a prestigious list that has been gaining headway in its quest to become an established voice for areas such as politics, science, sports and religion. Vanessa Selbst has been part of the LGBT for some time now and has been very open about the fact that she is a gay within the poker community. She publicly announced her relationship and the fact she was engaged to Miranda Foster. More recently she has been posting about their relationship while on a road trip across the US, adding more to show her willingness to share her experience of life that could help others in the same position as her.

Furthermore, she was asked about poker and how being gay has affected her poker career or poker image at the tables. Her response was as solid as her poker play. She said that she is thankful that she has a brilliant relationship with another woman, who obviously shares the same passion. She went on to explain that her sexual orientation had also opened her eyes to other aspects of life, including looking deeper into subjects that include race and class as well as gender. With her willingness to explore these areas she said she has found herself more empathetic as a person.

Rolling back the clock and Vanessa has made it clear that she is to be open about herself especially since she is after all in the poker spotlight. When she was talking to Curve magazine a couple of years ago, she explained that when she was at the final table she insisted the cameras included shots of her girlfriend. The other players’ families and friends were getting coverage for their support and so Vanessa was fine with the fact the media could mention her personal life, which at the time may have been seen as a sensitive subject, but Vanessa stayed true to her fans, letting them know exactly what she is about. This was not only a big moment for Vanessa, but also for the ongoing support of the LGBT.

With all Vanessa has done in the spotlight of the poker community, she deserves to be named for her strength, honesty, integrity and most of all for being able to stand up and say “This is who and that I am”. It takes courage not only to smash a tournament to pieces at the poker tables, but to also hit straight on the head any issues that some may have with her personal life. She is loved on the poker circuit, been an inspiration to many male and female poker players, on and off the tables, and her poker skills cannot be denied with a massive $7 million in tournament poker. Success ultimately equals Vanessa Selbst.