Selbst Wins The 2013 PCA $25k High Roller


The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure $25k High Roller was yesterday won by the PokerStars Team Pro Vanessa Selbst, as she came out on top on the final table of eight to win the first place prize of $1,424.420. She managed to overcome Vladimir Troyanovski heads up, which has now made her the most successful female player of all time with regards to career winnings.

The final table was started at a frantic pace with three of the players eliminated within just the first twelve hands. Micah Raskin was the first of those to go, when his As-Jd could not improve on the board against the pocket queens of Ole Schemion.

Schemion then went on to claim another scalp when he took down Tobias Reinkemeier, this time holding the pocket eights against his opponents Ac-Kc. Again his hand held up and Reinkemeier was eliminated in 7th place.

Schemion was now on fire as he was also the man behind the next elimination. Bryn Kenney was his next victim when holding the pocket eights and Schemion had the better hand with the pocket jacks. When the flop came down as 4d-4h-Jh it was already over unless two more eights fell on the turn and river. That didn’t happen and out went Kenney.

Next in line to hit the bar was Shaun Deeb who was the chip leader coming into the final table, this time the player to claim the scalp was Selbst when she was holding the Ah-Ks. The chips all went in to the middle when the flop came down as 10s-3h-2c and Deeb was holding the Ad-10c. Selbst got lucky on the turn and river when the 9c and Kd fell.

This propelled her right to the top of the leader board, meaning she was getting closer to one of her more prominent victories.

Schemion was next to go, he had eliminated three of the final table, but was about to become the next elimination. He ran into the pocket queens of Mike Watson and his tournament came to a swift end. However, Watson would be following him out not too much longer after eliminating him as Selbst hit a flush to send the tournament into heads up.

The final hand of the day occurred when all of the chips of both Selbst and Troyanovski were placed into the middle; Selbst held the Ah-Qs and Troyanovski the pocket kings. In dramatic fashion the board came down as 2h-2c-8d-10d-Ac to gift Selbst the title on the very last card of the tournament.

vanessa selbst win 25k high rollerHow It Finished!

Vanessa Selbst – $1,424,420

Vladimir Troyanovski – $792,180

Mike Watson – $462,320

Ole Schemion – $354,860

Shaun Deeb – $289,880

Bryn Kenney – $229,900

Tobias Reinkemeier – $174,940

Micah Raskin – $129,940