Selfie Masks for Hansen and Blom H.U Challenge

Gus Hansen and Viktor Blom

You may remember a little while ago we shared a new heads up challenge that is set to get underway on Full Tilt Poker between their Gus Hansen and Viktor “Isildur1” Blom. Well there has been a new promotion attached to this challenge that will see two players take on the pros in a Heads Up Challenge that could net them $5k.

Hansen and Blom are to square off across three different variations of poker, one chosen by each of the players and the third voted for by fans. Jansen chose Stud 8 whilst Blom decided upon 2-7 Triple Draw and the vote revealed that most fans wanted to see some No Limit Hold’em.

There is $50k for the winner of the challenges that start on the 14th of September and a choice of forfeit for the losing player. That forfeit will be to either sing their own countries national anthem or to spend 1,000 hands playing at the micro stakes tables at the site.

Full Tilt Players were also able to get into the action by completing a number of daily challenges to win a ticket into a freeroll of the player that they felt would win. The two free rolls would reward players with a chance at winning a share of the $10k prize pool. The deadline has passed to win those tickets now and the freerolls will take place on the 13th of September before the challenge.

A New Twist

The latest twist is that for the past four days, Full Tilt Poker have been providing players via download at the site, cut out masks of both Hansen and Blom. They then asked those that wished to enter to take a ‘selfie’ whilst wearing the mask and then tweet it with a tag of either #HUGUS or #HUBLOM.

The five tweets that got retweeted and favourited the most then were put to a public vote to reveal which players would take on their selected pro in a heads up challenge for $5,000. The deadline to do all of this was yesterday at 23.59 ET. There were a number of them doing the rounds, as you can see below.