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Sergio Aido Wins £144,555 For UKIPT London Victory

shutterstock_101342200After what was an extravagant showing of 1,099 players at the Grosvenor Casino in London’s upmarket Victoria location Sergio Aido took down all the chips to crown himself the 2013 UKIPT champion and take the biggest cut out of the £746,221 prize pool.

Sergio Aido of Spain started final table Day 4 with the 5th highest chip stack counting in 1,748,000 after what was an amazing tournament for him. Day 2 saw him finish chip leader with 946,000 stacked up at his seat and after Day 3 he had pushed this up to 1,748,000 remaining in the top 10 on the chip leader board, but dropping into 5th place. This was actually an amazing feat as this year’s UKIPT had a habit of beating down the high stacks as they finished one day looking promising and they were out the next.

Aido managed to side step this random string of high profile exits and finally busted his way onto the final table in which he then calmly grinded through to the end picking up the £144,555 stack of cash waiting for him when all the chips were under his nose.

With the final winner announced and the last UKIPT event of season 3 done and dusted the Spaniard will be full confidence as the next stop is at home. Season 4 has already been announced with the first event launching in Marbella, Spain. Aido’s aggressive display here in London has shown how important it is to push the chips around the table in these events and his fearlessness has not only paid off, but his quiet and unpredicted rise through the ranks of the UKIPT have put him in the spotlight for a rise to the top.

He began to earn his poker name by winning a hand versus Chris Dowling’s Ad-Kd with pocket 10 tens running through the board sending Dowling’s stack to the tune of just four big blinds.

Aido then lost a big hand up against As-Js when he had yet another pocket pair, this time the Kings, but the Ace flopped out for Ward giving him the double up on what was a stack that accounted for only 15 big blinds at the time.

Next up it was Goossens in the action against Aido with pocket twos after Aido forced him to push. Aido’s 5s hit the 5h on the flop and his3s linked with the 3d on the turn giving him the two pair sending his Belgium challenger out of the tournament in 8th place with £12,691.

Eventually, Aido continued his run down to heads up against Ward who had made a miraculous recovery from his earlier 15 blind stack, which he had managed to double up through Aido. However, the odds swung in Aido’s favour this time as he pulled out A-J winning a huge pot and then in the next hand pulled out As-Js once again and coincidentally was the exact same hand Ward double up with against Aido earlier on. Aido five bet the pot only to be met with an all-in move from Ward who pushed with 5 million.

Aido was still in for the action and proceeded to clear up as the Ace came out on the flop and once again on the river giving him a set and seeing off Ward’s pocket tens to takedown the first place prize.

UKIPT Final Table Payouts

1st Sergio Aido of Spain £144,555

2nd Tom Ward of the UK £116,845

3rd Patrick Simcoe of UK £63,560

4th Philippe Souki of the UK £44,870

5th WimNeys of Belgium £33,680

6th Guy Goossens of Belgium £22,490

7th Cesar Garcia of Spain £15,050

8th Chris Dowling of Ireland £12,691



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