Shak Opposed To Unlimited Rebuys For SHR Events

Stacks of dollars

Dan Shak has used Twitter to share his disappointment at the amount of Super High Rollers there are now on the poker calendar and the fact that these events are now overshadowing the Main Events simply down to the amount of money that is on the line for the players.

Shak has amassed around $7 million in live tournament earnings throughout his career with many of these tournaments being at the higher end of the buy-in stakes, yet he feels that the larger events that offer unlimited buy-ins right up until mid-way through Day 2 are putting poker in a bad light. He feels that this turns the game into a crap shoot among the richest men in poker rather than down to skill.

He feels that for online poker to ever be welcome back in America as a game of skill, these events are promoting the game in the totally wrong way that is required to do so.

He has a rather long rant about his opinion on the game in its current state, with us only being able to bring you the initial tweets that set off the debate. For the rest you simply have to go to his Twitter page.

To further press his opinion he replied to a serious of tweets by Daniel Negreanu suggesting that the player should not be glorifying these events as flip-fests.

Go take a look. It’s a long read but there are some very valuable opinions to be had from many big name players.


@WriterJen Iknow I can name who won the main event at PCA and at Aussie millions but don't think they have got the recognition they deserved


@daniel_shak Your recent Twitter op-ed was very nice to see. HR and SHR do overshadow ME sometimes. Great point.