Shak Takes Down the Tiger Woods Charity Poker Tournament

Tiger Woods

The Tiger Wood’s charity event went ahead as planned giving Dan Shak his first win of May along with his second cash of the month.

Shak cashed earlier in the month after just missing out on the top spot in the $5,000 No Limit Hold’em Work Poker Championship tournament in Las Vegas versus Andreas Hoivold. However, the Tiger Woods $10,000 No Limit Hold’em Charity Poker tournament was all his, taking down the first spot in style. Shak was already in town after his WPT win a few days earlier, and so this was either just great timing for him to enter, or he was in town for the charity event and just happened to get there early for the WPT No Limit Hold’em tournament.

It was an amazing day at the tables for not only Shak, but everyone with probably the most ironic stage of the tournament being the moment Phil Ivey, the Tiger Woods of Poker, was sat on the same table as the real Tiger Woods golfing pro himself, who is essentially the Phil Ivey of golf!

The event was named “Tiger’s Poker Night” and it attracted some of the top stars including Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey, and of course the winner Dan Shak, a poker pro as well as hedge fund manager. Other pros at the table were Daniel Negreanu, Mike Sexton and the retired WSOP 10 time’s bracelet winner Doyle Brunson. Outside of the poker scene, the after party performer Kid Rock and the Los Angeles Clippers star Chris Paul were also at the tables.

It was Hellmuth that introduced the one day event, and the 13 time’s WSOP Gold Bracelet winner had ensured the top WSOP bracelet winners were at the tables. Two of his main rivals in the race for the top of the WSOP Gold Bracelet winners list, Phil Ivey and Doyle Brunson have both won the same honour ten time’s over, each of them joint second in the race, and so the tournament was not short of some of the world’s top players, but Shak was not fazed by the star studded line-up and pushed through an impressive turnout of 50 players with a solid performance.

Wood’s put in a great performance, but he also admitted that he was unlikely to be seen at a poker game when he was on tour, and rather he would be playing a game of ping pong. He put in an amicable performance, and he was unlucky to be pushed out when he his Jack high flush was just beaten when the river card helped Melinda Fey get out of trouble with a full house.

All in, the tournament was a complete success with 50 players in the mix raising a total prize pool of $500,000. The tour was filmed by the WPT broadcasters, and it will be shown on the WPT Season XI on Fox.