Shaun Deeb Wins In PCA Side Event

Shaun Deeb

One side event at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is the 2014 PCA Event #7: $2,000 Open-Face Chinese and Shaun Deeb used it as an opportunity to showcase his impressive skills. Nobody was surprised when Deeb emerged victorious and claimed the first prize worth $32,380, ahead of Paul Volpe and Yu Benjamin.

There was no shortage of poker professionals at the 2014 PCA Event #7 and even though they lost to Shaun Deeb, most were satisfied with their performance. Yu tweeted his fans about his performance and apparently he was more than happy with the results and Paul Volpe did the same, praising Deeb for his flawless game.


This is how the final table looked at the end of the 2014 PCA Event #7: $2,000 Open-Face Chinese:

Shaun Deeb – $32,380
Paul Volpe – $23,400
Yu Benjamin – $14,900
Michael Schwartz – $11,320
Jason Mercier – $8,740
Jonathan Turner – $6,680
Michael Vela – $5,400

While this event belonged to Americans, Tiberiu-Florian Georgescu from Romania outshined his competitors in 2014 PCA Event #11: $5,300 No-Limit Hold’em Turbo – 8 Handed. He was one of the temporary chip leaders at the EPT Prague Main Event last month, leading the pack at the end of Day 1B.

Check out the list of finalists at Event 11 below:

Tiberiu-Florian Georgescu – $89,904
Matt Glantz – $89,903
Francisco Benitez – $89,903
Alexander Nolan Condon – $46,040
Georgios Karakousis – $36,980
Daniel Dvoress – $28,900
Kilian Kramer – $22,780
Nicholas Petrangelo – $17,380
Shannon Shorr – $12,740