Sirionas Wins GUKPT Cardiff

Cardiff signpost

Whilst the poker world all seems to be parked over in Las Vegas right now for the World Series of Poker, for the local British players that decided not to go or perhaps did not have the bankroll, they had the opportunity to score some nice money at the £1,060 Grosvenor UK Poker Tour Cardiff that finished up on Sunday night.

The event originally brought in 120 players creating a very healthy prize pool of £120,000 but by the time Day 3 had come along there was just the final table of nine left remaining in the event.

Vaidas Sirionas was the player that came out of that final table with the title, though he earned the same amount as the runner up Mick Corrigan after they agreed to split the prize pool. They both walked away with £24,000 apiece but Sirionas won the title and the free Grand Final seat on top.

Despite making a deal, the action lasted around an hour for the pair to decide a winner. Eventually it happened when both players got their chips into the middle with Corrigan holding the Ac-Qd and Sirionas the Qs-Qc. The cards fell as the Qh-Ks-7s-7h-3s to give Sirionas a set and the title.

The Final Standings

1st) Vaidas Sirionas – £24,000 (d)

2nd) Mick Corrigan – £24,000 (d)

3rd) Rob Thomas – £11,900

4th) Nik Stylianou – £7,800

5th) James Fisher – £5,400

6th) Stuart Costa – £3,900

7th) Charlie Denton – £3,200

8th) Ralph David – £2,700

9th) Tim Marhsall – £2,300

The very next GUKPT event will be held at the end of this month on the 30th and will be in Reading. A similar sized field as this one is expected though in the event last year there were 140 players that opted to take part.