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“Smasherxx67” Takes Down PokerStars Sunday Million

“Smasherxx67” Takes Down PokerStars Sunday Million

The first PokerStars Sunday Million was played out last night as a field of 7,613 players took to the virtual felt. That created a massive prize pool of $1,522,600 which was far more than the guarantee of $1 million.

This meant that there would be just 1,170 players paid out, with that being the minimum target of each and every player in the field.

By the time we got to the final table, “Smasherxx67” was already well out in front, as he held more than 27 million chips which was a massive two and a half times his closest rival. Once play got underway, it was actually the short stack to go out first with “Herkij” and his pocket eights not able to outgun the pocket jacks of “Dollysz”.

Then just one hand later “Champ458” attempted to double up through “Smasherxx67”, he stood a good chance too with his Ac-Ks against the pocket nines of his opponent. However a nine fell on the flop to end any dreams of getting any further in the event.

“Smasherxx67” was now starting to live up to his screen name, as a few hands later he not only eliminated one player but two in the same hand. All chips went into the middle before the flop with his opponents “MITSPUCKE!” and “Surprisefirm” holding the Ac-Ks and Ad-Kh respectively. He was holding the pocket tens and won when the board came down as 4s-8c-Tc-As-8s.

We then lost “FortunaVine”, “PureCash25” and “blaaaaaah666” in quick succession to leave us heads up. This session was between “Smasherxx67” with just over 60 million chips and “Dollysz” with just under 15 million.

This session actually only lasted two hands as in the first “Smasherxx67” took down a pot of nearly 8 million chips and the second saw the title decided. The final hand saw “Dollysz” get all of his chips in the middle whilst he held the Ac-Qc and he was quickly called by “Smasherxx67” who had found pocket aces at the right time.

The board read 8h-9h-Js-Kc-5s and “Smasherxx67” was the new champion and was awarded $228,393.87 for his efforts. Though he thoroughly deserved his victory, he will be the first to admit that he did experience a fair bit of luck along the way, however all players need some luck to win an event of this magnitude.

The Final Table!

fortunaVine – 4,271,790

Smasherxx67 – 27,613,747

MITSPUCKE! – 11,897,920

herkij – 3,199,362

surprisefirm – 2,842,284

blaaaaaah666 – 4,161,470

champ458 – 6,641,179

Dollysz – 7,274,460

PureCash25 – 8,227,788

How It Finished!

Smasherxx67 – $228,393.87

Dollysz – $167,486.00

blaaaaaah666 – $114,195.00

PureCash25 – $76,739.04

fortunaVine – $60,904.00

MITSPUCKE! – $45,678.00

surprisefirm – $30,452.00

champ458 – $17,509.90

herkij – $11,800.15


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