Somerville and O’Brien take the shootout literally (vid)


Texas Hold’em players know all too well what a shootout is, but few of them would have expected two of their peers to actually grab some guns and go for the real thing. It goes without saying that the difference between what happens at the poker table and the intense action taking place in the desert is significant. Jason Somerville and Dan O’Brien squared off in test of skill, patience and self-control, all under the watchful eye of top shot champion Chris Chen.

The two players decided to heat it up with a confrontation in a more familiar setting, with a couple of heads up hands played at the poker table. While doing what they are best at, Dan and Jason discussed the terms of the shootout and some juicy side bets were also placed. Chris Chen did more than observe and guide the poker players and got fully immersed into the competition, with a $200 reward at the horizon if he could defeat the pros.

To say that Chris was the overwhelming favourite to win the event would be the understatement of the year, so the terms were slightly tweaked for the top shot champion to win only with quads or better. That didn’t pose any problems for Chen who aimed for the royal flush and made it despite focusing on the least exposed cards and made some quick $100 from each poker player.

The highlight of the day was the duel between O’Brien and Jason Somerville, with the latter being slight favourite for shooting a gun in the past. Unfortunately for him, it looks like the difference between a rifle and a pistol is considerable, because he eventually lost the competition. Dan made his hand, but was at the mercy of Somerville who needed to hit the Jack of clubs to make his straight flush and prevail.

What happened to him was a clear case of auto-levelling, as Jason Somerville factored in external factors such as wind speed instead of following the straightforward approach. Jason barely missed the target and had to pay $1000 to Dan for losing the main bet, while fulfilling his obligation to Chris Chen as well. For the professional poker player the financial loss was insignificant, but his pride suffered more and he pledged to return for another shootout and avenge the defeat.