Sorel Mizzi Swims to Prop Bet Victory

Professional swimmer

Poker pro Sorel Mizzi has had just one week to prepare for an impromptu prop bet that would see him attempting a 5km swim in the open ocean from a beach in Brazil to another island. Yesterday, was the day of the big challenge and he took it head on to win with odds ranging between 3-1 and 6-1 from a selection of poker friends including Mike McDonald and Dan Cates.

Mizzi had already pledged to give 10% of his winnings to charity if he did in fact manage to pull off the feat, which surely would have given him even more incentive to prove those who doubted him wrong.

His twitter account was on fire for the day as he took us through the whole ordeal and we have summarized them all below.


Now, obviously he wasn’t tweeting whilst swimming as he handed that honour over to a friend on the boat. The boat also consisted of many of those betting against him so we can only imagine the sort of banter that was going on.

Back on board and obviously tired, he did find the energy to grab back his Twitter account to send out his thanks to everyone that had supported him. Sushi also seems to a suitable reward for his hard work!

We offer our congratulations to Sorel as this has to be one of the toughest prop bets we have seen and we did have our doubts too as to whether he could pull it off. Others were quick to offer their congratulations too.