Sorel Mizzi’s “Impossible” Swimming Prop Bet

Ipanema Beach Rio Brazil

Prop bets are certainly nothing new among poker professionals, but this latest one that has been taken on by Sorel Mizzi is really going to have him working hard for his money. He has taken on odds of 3-1 for his $10k that he can do an ocean swim to an island around 5km away from Ipanema beach in Rio.

With the possibility of quadrupling his money to $40k it is no wonder he went straight to work by asking for any advice through his Twitter account. With the swim scheduled for next week sometime it does not give him long to prepare and get in better shape so all the advice possible will no doubt be welcome.

Τhe news quickly found other top professional players that shared their thoughts on the prop bet. Some were of concern whilst others were more of the jokingly “don’t get killed” variety.

The fears of PokerStars Team Pro Liv Boeree and others will have been put a little to rest after he did confirm that there will in fact be a support boat. We do have to admit that it would be extremely foolish to try something like this without a safety net being put in place.

The question now remains whether he will firstly go through with it and secondly if he will actually make it. We are not sure if there is an option for him to buy out of the prop bet or whether he just instantly loses his $10k if he pulls out. We will keep you informed once we found out from his Twitter.