Sotirios Koutoupas wins EPT Deauville Main Event (vid)

sotirios koutoupas winner of ept deauville main event

8 players returned to the final table today for a chance to win the EPT Deauville Main Event and a share of the €3.2 million. Sotirios Koutoupas and Eugene Katchalov were the favorites, due to their deep stack and loads of experience, so it came as no surprise that they ended up playing the last hands in a long and intense heads-up with the Greek prevailing in the end.

Eli Heath started the final table with the 4th biggest stack but even though he accumulated more chips in the first few hours of play, he never came within striking distance of the chip leader. Eli did a fine job at committing his entire stack with the better hand each time, but eventually he lost it all with the slightly better hand. Koutoupas was the executioner and Heath left the EPT Deauville Main Event very disappointed:

Just a few minutes after Eli left the Main Event, Oliver Price joined him and once again Koutoupas was the beneficiary. This time the chip leader started as favorite and his starting hand improved on the flop, leaving his opponent with minimal chances to rebound.

Heads-up began with Koutoupas at the helm, with three times more chips than his opponent, but it was the Team PokerStars Pro that scored the first blood. Katchalov took it one step at a time and increased his stack to almost 8 million, but Koutoupas offset all his loses in a couple of hands.

With a dwindling stack, Eugene was dealt pocket aces but failed to win a huge pot and in the final hand his A-K was cracked by Sotirios’ A-3, on a 3-3-5 flop. This left the Team PokerStars Pro a little bitter, as he came painfully close to becoming a Triple Crown winner, but he will probably find solace in the €379,500 prize awarded to the runner-up.


EPT Deauville Main Event Final Table Results:

1) Sotirios Koutoupas – €614,000

2) Eugene Katchalov – €379,500

3) Oliver Price – €271,200

4) Eli Heath – €207,800

5) Harry Law – €164,600

6) Rustem Muratov – €128,200

7) Carlo De Benedittis – €93,000

8) Anthony Lerust – €63,900

Check out this interview with the winner, taken minutes after Sotirios Koutoupas won the event: